Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Saint Paddy Cake

Within a week after they moved in, I was invited to dinner at Jon & Ivana's. We had pasta prepared specially by Ivana, who is known the world over for her culinary skills. In fact, the well-respected food critic Harvey Keitel once tried to persuade the Four Seasons to allow Ivana to prepare his dinner, in place of their regular chef. Unfortunately, due to stringent union regulations, it was not possible. Dinner, by the way, was excellent.

Surfin' Dino (aka Rob Sherman) showed up with his growing brood: new-guy Jonas is now in the walking-talking club as well as the climbing-on-furniture club and the cute-as-a-bug club. Clio is becoming quite the sophisticated and charming young lady, clearly taking after Rifka in this respect. Jon, Ivana and I spent a rainy afternoon in the lobby of their hotel playing dominos and stealing Clio's french fries when she wasn't looking. It's still hard to believe Dino is a respectable family man. It's even harder for him to believe.

Heard back from the big-time agent I sent MERLIN to, he said 'no thanks' but I could call him if I had anything else. I decided to pitch him IN YOUR DREAMS, but as soon as I said "It's about a young lawyer..." he said "I'm a lawyer and I hate stories about lawyers -- I'm in litgation right now and if I read a story about a lawyer I'd probably throw-up." A simple 'no thank-you' would have been sufficient.

I finally got back to work on my newest script, which is about a burned-out rock star who is chosen to save the world by a superior race of aliens and/or angels. Still having problems with the title, currently I'm calling it 'Faith' but other possibilities include: Before the Flood, Lost Angel, and Star Wars. That last one may cause me problems.

I have put in a little more work on the old HWD web site, specifically on the Favorite Flicks page. Only a few of you have sent in your list of top five favorite movies, and I thought that before I became too self-righteous about it, I should pick my own favorites. That turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. But it's also a lot of fun, because you get to go back and remember all those great movies you've loved and maybe forgotten.

I added a few links to the page that connect to sites like Roger Ebert's Great Movies and the AFI 100 Years, 100 Movies page. They help give you some ideas and reminders, but somehow I think the most interesting picks will be the ones that aren't on anybody's "Greatest" lists. So check out the Favorite Flicks web page and click on some of the links, then come up with your own list and send it in. Remember it is not legally binding, so if you want to add or change or even send in additional lists, that's just fine.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Love HWD