Sunday, December 15, 2002


Now the holidays are upon us, a time of goodwill and fellowship; a time of giving. No doubt many of you are thinking: What can I do for Rich Eastman? Well, there is something you can do, and the best part is -- it doesn't cost a thing.

I have submitted one of my screenplays to Kevin Spacey's new website The idea is to provide a forum for undiscovered talent (like me) by creating a cyber-community of filmmakers and writers. The way it works is, I post my screenplay and other writers, filmmakers, and community members review it. The reviews include a simple rating system. The top ten scripts with the highest rating average get a chance to make a deal with Spacey's production company.

But you need at least ten reviews to get ranked, and the problem is, there are hundreds and hundreds of scripts and it's been hard to get people to review mine. Most people seem to be interested in reading one of the scripts already ranked in the top ten and don't take the time to browse around the site and see what else is out there.

Like, for example, a true life adventure about a young Navy Captain (PETER) serving in Vietnam who rescues a 10 year old Vietnamese girl (LUNG) who has lost a leg in a "friendly fire" incident. During her recovery the two form a bond that transcends differences in age and nationality. Their lives are brutally disrupted, however, by the ravages of war and their paths diverge. Years later, when Lung needs someone's help to bring her and her young daughter to America, she reaches halfway around the globe and finds her bond with Peter has endured.

So, if you feel like reading a really good screenplay and helping out your fellow man (me) at the same time. Why not log on to, follow the simple sign-up procedure, click on 'search', then click on 'screenplays' and type Echoes of the Mekong. You will be directed to the page where my script is posted and you can download it, read it and review it. One complication, I uploaded the script in Final Draft format which is a common software among screenwriters, but most folks will require a viewer (which you can download for free.) If you'd rather not download the viewer, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the script in Word format. That may not be completely kosher as far as the rules are concerned, but we'll just make it our little secret, eh?

You can also view and review short films on the website and in fact I have uploaded three segements of my short Dante's View. Unfortunately, there seems to be a system glitch and several people have complained that they cannot view my movies. I myself am unable to view them using the website. Viewing the movies requires certain software, all of which is free and some of which you may already have. Mine require Quick Time and that is the one causing all of the problems. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who attempts to view one of my shorts, to find out if you were successful and what kind of system you are using. I think the problem has something to do with the codec. I have no idea what a codec is. Click on 'search' then 'members' and type 'myrdhinn' and you will be directed to my homepage where all of my uploads are available.

I don't want anyone to cheat by writing me a glowing review without reading the script (or watching the movie.) Of course how would I know? How would anyone know? But seriously, don't feel compelled to say nice things if you don't like the script. Go ahead and say whatever you think, just give me a really high rating. (By the way, if you do rate the script, remember that "pass" does not mean the same as "pass/fail" it means "we liked your script Richard, but I'm afraid we're going to pass on it.")

Any and all support will be greatly appreciated. It's actually kind of fun to browse around the site and check out scripts and films and reviews. The other day I wrote a critical review of some guy's film and he send me a long explanatory email telling me what it was supposed to be about. I had to write back and tell him that I understood what it was about, I just didn't like it.

So check it out and have fun. Who knows, you may become hooked on it just like I am.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for listening.

Love, Rich